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1:1 Teaching and Tutor Services

Developing skills, confidence and pride

When I became a teacher, it was with a powerful wish to make a difference to the young people in my class and that desire has never left me.  I truly believe that everyone has the ability to become confident at English, but that there are many factors that can affect the way we learn.  People do not always learn in the same way or at the same pace, often leading to a loss of confidence; this can be more of an obstacle than the initial problem.  

I have always sought to build a strong sense of trust between teacher and pupils and believe that children are best placed to learn when they are not afraid to make mistakes and feel valued for what they think.  I am also very experienced with anxiety in children and understand how barriers can be put up by children who are dealing with worries and doubts.  I see my role as teacher to be about supporting children to bring down these barriers and to take risks with their learning.  Through this, confidence will rise and with it, competence and enjoyment.  

I am also extremely interested in the way we learn and as such, I tailor my teaching to accommodate an individual's personal learning styles and interests.  I think there are few sights more heart-warming than watching understanding dawn on a learner's face, especially if we've tackled a problem in several ways to get there.  If you choose me to work alongside your child, I will work with their individual needs and interests and all tasks will be designed especially for them.  You can also be sure that your child will always be treated with kindness, patience and encouragement - I couldn't imagine teaching any other way.

Questions and Answers:

Q:  Where would sessions take place?

A:  Under normal circumstances, I would work with learners at a place that suits them best: some children would feel more confident in their own home; others prefer to keep school work and home separate and therefore prefer to come to me.   However, the current situation makes life a little different for us all! Because of this, I can currently offer lessons via Zoom.  How you would like to receive the tutoring sessions is something we can discuss together.  

Q:  How would Zoom sessions work?

A:  Please be assured that I can tailor resources to teach online and any work sheets that were required would be emailed to you before the session.  If working with younger children on areas such as handwriting, I will teach the process but ask a parent to watch your child as they form letters - this is very important as successful letter formation depends on close observation of technique.  The additional benefit to this is that as parents, you will be able to support this at home during the week as well.

Q:  How much do sessions cost?

A:  There are a variety of options available to you:

  • All first sessions are offered at half price.  This is important to me because I want you to feel happy that I can offer what you are looking for in a tutor.

  • Subsequent sessions are £30 per hour.

  • I also offer small-group sessions of no more than 3 children of the same age.  These can be useful if you have a group of friends who would like some tutoring for their children, or if you would like your child to have some extra support but think 1:1 sessions may not be necessary.  I would ensure that groups were appropriate for each child so that sessions were equally valuable for all.  Costs for these sessions run on a sliding scale:

  • Group of 2:  £25.00 per child

  •  Group of 3:  £20.00 per child            

Q:  How do you maintain safeguarding of my child?

A:  Please be assured that I hold an up-to-date DBS certificate.  During Zoom sessions with younger children, I would request that a parent is nearby and if possible, able to interact with their child on certain activities, as this will really support progress.  Any background behind me will be neutral and only show my flipchart and other teacher resources.

Q:  How will you target work to meet my child's needs?

A:  Before our first session, I will ask you a few questions about your child (or yourself if an adult learner) and will use this to plan our first session.  The first session will help me glean exactly where to aim for in future sessions.  If at any point you observe an area where support could be helpful, I would always value this input.

Q:  How will feedback be received?

A:  I will tailor activities to suit the medium of Zoom but I will also use email to share documents and work where helpful.  At the end of each Zoom session there will be an opportunity for us to discuss how things are progressing if you would like to do so.

Adult Students

1 to 1 Tutoring and Support

Does your child find aspects of English tricky and need support at home? Whether working towards tests and exams (I have taught SATs, GCSEs and A-Levels) or needing confidence with particular areas of reading, writing or speaking and listening, I will work alongside your child to develop skills and confidence, helping them to meet their potential and feel proud of their efforts.

Homeschool groups

I can provide specialist teaching for homeschooled children or groups if required.  This could take the form of  regular sessions and/or exam preparation; it could also be in the form of one-off theme days.  During these days we would base our work around a text and use this as a springboard for some drama and writing.  Ideas for how you could develop the work done on these days would also be given.  Please contact me for more information.

Adult learning

Not all learners are children.  There are many reasons why an adult may feel they need support with their English.  You may be seeking to improve skills for a particular job, working towards a GCSE or A-Level, lack confidence in reading and writing skills, or English may not be your first language - I am TEFL qualified.  Please do feel free to contact me to discuss how I might be able to help you.

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I have produced a wide range of resources for many different year groups and am happy to write units of work to support home learning.

In particular, I have developed some ready-to-use resources to support the teaching of reading skills. These PowerPoint presentations are centred around a focal text and encourage the discussion and competent use of key reading skills - I have used the terms adopted by the outstanding Literacy Shed website for these:  VIPERS (Vocabulary; Inference; Prediction; Explain; Retrieve; Sequence/Summarize)

Please take a look at the free examples on the 'Reading Resources' page - you are free to download them and try them for yourself. I can produce them on virtually any book of your choice: contact me for details.

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