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"Claire transformed English teaching in our school.  Her comprehensive knowledge of the reading and writing curriculum, coupled with a genuine passion for children's literature make her an invaluable part of our school team.  Claire's intuitive and rigorous approach to planning, through both KS1 and KS2, supported and coached staff at all stages of their career to become even more confident in their teaching of reading and writing.  Staff confidence and knowledge and pupil outcomes rocketed with Claire's help."

Head teacher

"Claire worked with us to develop a bespoke approach to the teaching of reading.  We were tremendously impressed with her enthusiasm and breadth of subject knowledge, from Nursery to Year 6.  Claire's in-depth familiarity of children's literature lies at the heart of her success.  She is adept at carefully selecting well-chosen books that create immersive learning whilst embedding SPaG and creating wonderful outcomes.  The children quickly became engaged readers and developed a passion for English. We love Claire's style of English teaching and it is now truly embedded in our practice.  We use her teaching methodology for our English lessons and it has had a tremendous impact on teaching and learning in our school.  The planning provided by Claire has significantly reduced teacher workload.  Our English curriculum is transformed! The carefully selected texts have inspired our children to become enthusiastic writers and writing is more creative and purposeful.  

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Claire.  Her personalised approach, tailored to meet the needs of our school, allowed us to effectively gain a deeper understanding of the teaching of reading.  Nothing was too much trouble - from sharing schemes and high quality resources she has prepared, to co-planning and CPD for individual phase teams.  We could not be happier with our reading curriculum and what an immediate impact it has made on children's perception of English."

Deputy Head teacher

"I started working with Claire as a trainee and continued over the next three years - she completely transformed my literacy teaching.  I have followed her schemes of work; she has supported me in the planning process; we have team taught and she has supported children 1:1 and in small groups to develop their work. She has even come in as special guests from key texts for children to interview as a stimulus for their writing!  Every ounce of Claire's knowledge and support was valuable - she is full of invaluable suggestions for books, grammatical skills, teaching ideas, styles and techniques. The children she has worked with loved her - they felt valued, listened to and left feeling they had achieved great things in their writing.  Her knowledge of the primary curriculum holds no bounds.  I have truly loved and valued every occasion we have worked together.  I cannot recommend Claire and her services highly enough."

UKS2 Phase Leader

"Claire's passion and enthusiasm for Literacy shines out, motivating and inspiring both colleagues and children.  She has a mountain of knowledge when it comes to children's books and thanks to her, we have an amazing range of inclusive and diverse books in our library, catering for different ages, needs, backgrounds and topics.  Claire's help was fundamental for not only ordering books, but getting our library up and running.  Opening each box of books that Claire ordered, brought so much enjoyment to me and I can't wait for the children and staff to fully see what we have to offer!  Children who find it difficult to enjoy books/reading can't help but be captivated after a guest lesson from her.  It really has been a pleasure working with such an inspiring and passionate person!"

School Librarian

"Claire Crossland is the best teacher of English I have ever met.  This is no exaggeration.  She has an amazing, in-depth knowledge of all aspects of teaching English to a range of primary and high school students.  Claire has given me so much advice and support over the past few years on how to plan lessons.  Nothing is too much trouble. Her ideas are innovative and allow children to have fun whilst learning.  Claire's enthusiasm for her subject is infectious, amongst pupils and adults alike.  She is so much more than just a teacher!  Claire is always open to new ideas but has a very clear approach as to how and why English should be taught and her planning has had real impact in our school.  Over the years to come I will think to myself, 'How would Claire do this?' knowing that if I'm really stuck, she'd be happy to help."

KS2 teacher

"Claire has provided great enthusiasm and new, creative ways to teach English to various year groups. She has provided support in a very caring and effective way. I have developed a passion myself for English since working with her. The staff and children loved the lessons and Claire has been fundamental in creating an engaging environment with various resources."

KS2 teacher

"Claire is great fun to work with, as both teachers and children she's worked along side would affirm.  Her subject knowledge is tremendous, as is her repertoire of creative ideas to engage learners.  A planning powerhouse, Claire has a proven record of enabling teachers and children to reach their potential."

English Advisor

"I really enjoyed working with Claire as part of my NQT year. Before our year group became involved with her, I felt our English planning wasn't creative or interesting enough for the children to enjoy and gain meaningful learning from. However, following Claire's support and guidance, I am much more confident with teaching and planning of English. Claire taught me that you can use one book linked to your topic, or even one picture to create a variety of interesting and engaging lessons that I otherwise would never have thought of, or considered before. I discovered activities and approaches to teaching grammar that I was totally unfamiliar with and now continue to use in my planning and teaching today."


"I give my absolute finest recommendation for Claire as an outstanding teacher and leader of English. I have known her for 3 years as a colleague and during this time, I have observed Claire's professional approach in the way that she works with colleagues and with children and always gives her best to everything that she does. 

When working with children, she has imagination, creativity and flair so that she can capture their imagination and inspire them to read a range of books and to become confident and engaged writers. Her planning is of the highest level and she is able to plan for a range of ages and abilities with confidence and creativity.  Claire is an exceptional leader;  she is keen to work alongside colleagues and model lesson planning and delivery, but she is also able to deliver cpd to a very high standard in such a way that she draws everybody in with interest and enthusiasm. She would be a huge asset to any team that she becomes a part of."

SEND Co-ordinator

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